Blade Buddy


The Blade Buddy razor sharpener is a great product for a few different reasons. In my opinion razors are just too expensive! I like the idea of being able to sharpen and reuse them. Secondly, trash is a huge problem to the environment. There are way too many plastic throw-away items that are filling up our landfills and cluttering up our world. According to the EPA two billion disposable razors are thrown away each year in the United States. Thirdly, I hate trying to use a razor with dull blades! Using a sharp razor helps prevent nicks and cuts, ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Simply swiping your razor over this sharpener several times will keep the blades sharp and ready to give a good, close shave. It is recommended that you use it to maintain the blade of a sharp razor, rather than to use the razor until it is dull and then try to sharpen it. Blade Buddy is made with a silicone pad with a plastic casing.

Get it at for $19.99!


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