XStat 30Wound Dressing


Let’s face it, it is a rough world we live in! If your worried about getting caught in the crossfire then this might be just the thing! It is a large syringe that contains small sponges to plug a bullet wound to restrain the bleeding. This will increase your chances of living until you can receive proper medical care.

The device was (and still is) used in the military to treat wounds in the field. It has recently been approved by the FDA for civilian use. Within 15 seconds the tiny sponges swell with the blood they soak up. The increase in their size will completely seal a bullet wound. Each sponge can hold up to a pint of blood and the syringe can hold up to 92 sponges, that’s enough to hold 92 pints of blood and we humans only have 8 pints!

I’m not sure where these can be bought or how much they cost but as soon as I find out I’ll let you know!


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