Gameband for Minecraft


Not only does Gameband show your love for Minecraft, it allows you to play Minecraft anywhere, anytime and on any computer. Just plug it in to the USB port of any Mac, Windows or Linux computer, start the Gameband app and start playing! You keep your entire game, worlds, mod launchers, all your Minecraft in the band. You don’t have to download Minecraft into your computer. The Gameband app has a backup of your complete Minecraft file. If you loose the Gameband, the Gameband company will send you a new one at a reduced price and you can load your data into it from your backup file.

Gameband is made from durable TPU (a mix of hard plastic and silicone). It is black and has a stainless steel clasp which is hand painted with Minecraft blocks. It is splash proof and tough enough for everyday wearing. When you receive it it will already contain pre-loaded adventure maps from Minecraft icons like Seth Bling.

The LED display can be customized through the PixelFurnace app. The display can be set to show the time, date and you can even create your own Minecraft images which can be shared with other Gameband users.

The Gameband startup was founded by Feargal Mac Conuladh. He knew that kids love Minecraft and are always on the go, using more than one computer. The Gameband stemmed from that, allowing kids to take their Minecraft experience with them, wherever they may go!

Click to order Gameband – Gameband for Minecraft – Small


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