Noke Bluetooth Smart Padlock


Traditional padlocks are problematic. With a combination lock there is the danger of forgetting the combination. With key locks there the keys to keep track of. Here is the perfect answer to problematic padlocks!

You can unlock the Noke padlock with your iOS, Android or Windows phone through the wonders of Bluetooth technology. With the Noke app you can share your locking capabilities securely with one time, permanent or custom settings so if you need to let your neighbor in your gate to water your flowers while you are on vacation, no problem! You can also monitor the history of the lock while you are away and even track it’s location with GPS!

Don’t let it’s attractive looks fool you, this lock is strong and durable. It is made with hardened steel and boron to be used in the toughest environments. It is water resistant, made with four silicone gaskets to keep water out.

The Noke padlock requires a battery which is packaged with it. The battery has a long life, lasting more than a year. The app will warn you when the battery is running low, in plenty of time to replace it. The battery can be replaced easily and replacement requires no tools.

If your battery does die, or you forget your phone there is a quick access code that can be entered thanks to Noke’s Quick Click technology. You can actually unlock it by tapping on the shackle with a programmed series of long and short clicks (similar to Morse Code).

Noke is a startup company out of Salt Lake City, Utah. They were founded in 2014 with the help of the community. Their goal is to make locks that are simple and convenient to use and also ensure security.

Click the following link to order – Noke Padlock – Keyless Bluetooth Smart Padlock


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