Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator


Sous Vide is French for “under vacuum”. In sous vide cooking you seal food in an airtight plastic bag then place the bag in a temperature controlled bath or water stream for long amounts of time at a regulated temperature lower than usual cooking temperatures. The purpose of sous vide cooking is to cook food, particularly meats, perfectly evenly on the inside and outside, at the same time retaining the moisture of the food.

With the Sansaire you can make any large pot or basin into a sous vide water bath. The Sansaire is used in some of the worlds best finest restaurants and is relied upon by many professional chefs. Now it is available to you! All you have to do is set the bottom part of the Sansaire in a pot of water and add in the bagged meat. Then set the temperature at the top of the Sansaire. There is even an online resource to find out about what temperatures are best for different meats so they are cooked perfectly.

The Samsaire was invented by Scott Heimendinger. He received funding from individuals at to be able to produce this amazing sous vide cooker. He had learned about sous vide cooking which at the time was only done in laboratories and with very expensive machinery. Scott thought that it shouldn’t cost that much to heat water! So, he went about making a less expensive sous vide cooker. Now he has perfected it and it is available to you! Just click on the link below.
Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, Black



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