Blue Avocado Re-Zip Seal Reusable Lunch Bag


This is another product that is a great idea because it is environmentally friendly. I’m not sure how many sandwich bags are thrown away each year but they are made from polyethylene which is the same thing that plastic grocery bags are made from. According to the Earth Policy Institute over one trillion plastic bags are used in the world every year. Most of these are disposed of in landfills where they contaminate the earth. Many plastic bags end up stuck in trees or in the ocean. Blue Avocado offers a step in reducing the amount of plastic waste that we create.

The reason sandwich bags are popular is that they are so handy! These lunch bags are just that. They are leak proof, freezer safe and have double lock closure so they keep your food fresh. They are made with an FDA grade material called PEVA and are PVC, BPA and lead free. What makes them special is that they are hand washable! For these sandwich bags the Blue Avocado business received the 2015 Green Good Design award.

The Blue Avocado startup was created by Amy George, Paige Davis and Mellisa Nathan. They found the investors to get production of Re-Seal lunch bags going through The Blue Avocado founders started what they are doing because they wanted to address the growing environmental problems cause by throw away bags. They strove to make a product that while being environmentally friendly, was also durable, simple and that functioned well.

Click on the following link to order your Re-Seal bags – BlueAvocado Re-Zip Seal Reusable Lunch Bag, 2-Pack


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