Lovepop Bird’s Next Card


Well, I’m posting this a little late for Valentine’s day this year but I think it would be a great card for many occasions. I wish I had found out about the card a little earlier, I would have sent it to my Mom for Valentine’s Day. It is an amazingly well crafted and creative pop up card made by Lovepop. It was cut out using a 3D laser and features a mother bird with her freshly hatched baby bird. The card face is yellow and has a picture of the mother bird watching over her unhatched eggs. Imagine the surprise of someone you care for when they open this card!

The Lovepop startup was founded by Wombi Rose and John Wise, two navel architects who, when traveling through Asia discovered the art of sliceform kirigami. Inspired by this ancient art form the two started making cards using kirigami techniques. Now they combine cutting edge technology and the ancient art form to make their wonderful cards.

Click here! lovepop Bird’s Nest Card


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