Renegade Broom


This broom was made to be perfect in every way! It’s design is much like a rake, made to pull towards you. It has curved bristles so they don’t just get dragged over what you are trying to sweep up. The bristles were also made to flex and go down into hard to reach grooves, not merely to sweep over them. This makes it just right for sweeping uneven surfaces like the bricks shown in the photo above. The bristles are tough and under normal use won’t fray or fall out like bristles on a regular broom. As tough and durable as this broom is, it is very light weight. It only weighs 1.9 lbs. The Renegade broom even has a telescoping handle to get it to just the right length!

The Renegade broom was designed by Tom and Amy Gray, a couple whose family came up with the idea of using curved bristles and started making brooms developing on this concept.

Click the following link to order – Renegade Broom


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