Singular Sound Beat Buddy


As a guitarist I very much appreciate the genius of this device! The Singular Sound Beat Buddy is the first guitar pedal drum machine. With most effects pedals you plug your instrument, microphone, or another effects device into one side of the box (input) and run a chord from the other side (output) to you amplifier. The pedals add certain effects such as distortion, chorus or delay to your guitar playing. They can be switched on or off with a tap of your foot. With Beat Buddy you have your own personal drummer to accompany your guitar playing!

Beat Buddy’s display has a visual metronome so you can improve your timing and work with different time signatures. It offers hands free control of the beat, but it’s not just a metronome. It has the drumming from over 200 songs from 21 genres with your choice of ten different ultra-realistic drum sets. It isn’t just something that plays backing tracks though, you have control of the beat and can make a live drummer effect. Beat Buddy comes with software which allows you to download new beats, make your own songs or put together custom drum sets so you have a world of drumming available to you!

This device has won awards for it’s sound. It is billed as the first drum machine that doesn’t sound like a machine. The beats are made from 24 bit stereo recordings of real drummers. The beats are not set to a grid which makes it’s sound quality superior to other drum machines.

The singular sound business was put together by David Packouz, Eli Packouz, Goran Rista and Lionel Ash. They were able to produce Beat Buddy with crowdfunding from These guys saw the necessity to provide a drum machine that was easy to use, that offered hands free operation and sounded realistic. They strove to make a drumming accompaniment that provided live control, that people could use to make things up as they played, like adding drum fills, breaks, transitions and accented beats.

Order Beat Buddy – Singular Sound BeatBuddy the First Guitar Pedal Drum Machine



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