Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden


The most brilliant part of this attractive indoor herb garden is the smart soil used in it’s herb cartridges. It is an all natural solution designed to give plants the best possible growing conditions while using little water. This herb garden is also easy to use and requires very little electricity, water or time. There is no green thumb needed! All you have to do is plug it in, install the herb cartridges and add a small amount of water. You’ll then have sprouts in one or two weeks and the plants will last for two or three months.

Click and Grow uses an LED light grow light with a sensor and also a sensor to monitor the water level to make it easy for you to take care of the plants. The best thing of all is there is no weeding involved! Also, you can have the plants of your choice all year. When you have completely harvested your plants you can get new plants to replace them. It comes with basil plants but you can also get many other types of plants. Click and Grow has an app that gives you information and tips on growing the plants you choose.

Mattias Lepp is the mastermind behind this invention. He received funding through Kickstarter to produce his Smart Herb Garden.

Click to order here – Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden with 3 Basil Cartridges, White Lid


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