FIXD Active Car Health Monitor


Most drivers know what it’s like to face the anxiety cause by the check engine light coming on. Will it be alright to continue driving for a while? Will you end up stranded somewhere? What exactly is wrong? These are all questions that FIXD Active Car Health Monitor can answer.

FIXD is a small sensor that plugs into most automobiles made after 1996. It works through Bluetooth technology with an app for your smartphone or tablet and lets you know what is wrong with your vehicle when your check engine light comes on. Unlike other engine monitors that give technical definitions FIXD translates the problem into easy to understand terms. It will also let you know about the severity or the problem and what will happen if you continue driving without getting your vehicle serviced. It also lets you know when your vehicle is due for maintenance such as an oil change.

This helpful invention is easy to set up. First plug it into your car. Then connect to the app with your iOS or Android smartphone. Then just drive and FIXD will let you know when it’s time for service or when something is wrong with your vehicle.

FIXD was produced with the help of Kickstarter by Philip Bale, John Gattuso, Frederick Grimm, Matthew Kennedy and a guy know only as Kevin.

Order FIXD – FIXD: The Active Car Health Monitor


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