Go! Outfitters Go! Hammock


What makes this portable hammock so great is that it is comfortable! It was designed to allow people to lay flat, instead of in the curved position made by traditional hammocks. It is made extra long and wide to distribute body weight evenly and to enable it’s users to stretch out with their spine straight. The Go! Hammock was made without uncomfortable pressure points. It is made with the worlds first fabric tensioning system that take care of the problem of extra loose fabric that is common with other extra long hammocks. It is fully portable and stuffs into it’s own built in pocket. This hammock is strong, made of 70D nylon. It comes with it’s own set of strong, durable carabiners and rope loops.

Go! Outfitters recommends using their optional tree suspension system. It is a cinch buckle system that is very easy to use and can be set up quickly. The system consists of 1/8 inch spliced amsteel rope loops and 15  foot polyester tree straps that are made extra wide so they won’t damage the trees your tying on to. The are also extremely strong having a break strength of 3000 pounds.

The Go! Outfitters founder, Jason Montomegy was unsatisfied with the many hammocks he tried out so he set out to make his own. He did extensive research on the human body which led him to the design of the Go! Hammock. He started making them and then submitted the idea to Kickstarter where it became quite popular and he was finally able to put his invention on the market.

Get your Go! Hammock Here – GO Outfitters Go Hammock, Gray
Go! Suspension System – GO Outfitters Hammock Suspension System with Cinch Buckles


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