Coolest Cooler


The town I live in is known for it’s football games and tailgating. People come from all over and camp out while waiting for the game to start. They spend the time cooking out and drinking. This would be the absolute best cooler for these occasions! It has a built in blender which runs on a 20V battery, an outdoor speaker equipped with Bluetooth, a built in waterproof USB charger and even a bottle opener!

The cooler itself is made to hold 55 quarts and has an LED lid light. It is built for durability and rugged outdoor use. It has double wide wheels and an aluminum telescoping handle designed to make it easy  to take the cooler where you want to go. The axle and hinges are made out of stainless steel. This cooler also comes with four plates, a ceramic knife, a corkscrew and a removable divider that can be used as a cutting board.

The inventor of the Coolest Cooler is Ryan Grepper. His intention was to multiply the fun of a traditional cooler and to make the best, highest quality cooler available. He was able to produce his cooler with the help of Kickstarter.

Order –  Coolest Cooler in Blue Moon




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