CURB Home Energy Monitoring System


Are you tired of having to pay so much for your utility bills? CURB is an integrated hardware and software system that allows you to monitor the energy consumption of each of your appliances so you can manage the efficiency with which you use energy. If your home is solarized this solar ready edition of CURB can show you how much energy you are generating. CURB can also be used with Samsung’s SmartThings platform which makes it easy to control your appliances with your smart phone when you are not at home.

This energy monitoring system uses 18 sensors and a HomePlug adapter. It attaches to your breaker box and works through an app with iOS and Android devices. The app can show you how much money you are spending on energy at any given moment. CURB’s online dashboard provides charts showing trends in your energy usage. It will also notify you if there are any out of the ordinary things going on with your appliances. If you have a larger home or a building that you need to monitor, more than one CURBs can be linked together.

The CURB startup was founded by Erik Norwood and Josh Bohde and funded through Indiegogo. Erik and Josh started designing their product because they were tired of being surprised by high electric bills and not knowing exactly why the bills were so high.

Click to order – CURB Home Energy Monitoring System (Solar Ready)


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