Mass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC


Do you have a great sounding stereo that hasn’t been used since streaming music came out? Mass Fidelity’s Relay uses Bluetooth technology to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to any sound system. The sound quality sent through Relay is true high fidelity. It’s inventors set out to create a streaming relay that delivered the ultimate in sound quality using cutting edge electronics and AptX Audio Decoding. The device is made to exceed the analog wired output of an iOS. It has an exceptional range and allows you to control your music from anywhere in your home. You get the limitlessness of streaming music with the high quality sound of your stereo system or home theater.

Relay is simple to use. It requires no external software for use thanks to modern streaming protocols. It works with any computer that has Bluetooth.

Another impressive feature of Relay is it’s fine craftsmanship. It is a solid devise with a body carved out of a solid block of aerospace grade aluminum. It has a nice design and looks great paired with any home music system.

The Mass Fidelity founders are Benjamin Webster and Neil D’Souza. Their intent in inventing Relay was to make a product that was much better than other Bluetooth DACs. The years of research and development has paid off! Relay is now a Sound and Vision top pick.

Order here – Mass Fidelity Relay Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC, Silver



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