FitBark Dog Activity Monitor


The FitBark dog activity monitor collects information about your dogs activity through the day. When it is close to your smartphone it connects with FitBark apps to let you know about the dogs activity and rest patterns. It then turns the information into points that can be graphed and charted. This allows people to compare information about their dogs activity with that of other dogs of the same breed and age. It will help you made choices for your dog, monitor it’s progress and get medical insights. It works with iOS, Android and the web. Weighing only 8 grams FitBark fits easily on your dogs collar. It works with dogs of any size.

Information collected by FitBark anonymously contributes to the date at FitBark Explore – the first public interactive digital map of dog health in the world. There you can find much information about all breeds of dogs, their activity, rest and sleep.

FitBark was made by Davide Rossi, Sara Rossi and Fabrizio Philippini.

Click to order – FitBark Dog Activity Monitor, Cool Grey


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