Mass Fidelity Core Hi-Fi WirelessSpeaker System


Mass Fidelity’s quest for the ultimate in sound quality has come through once again with their Core wireless speaker! It has been judged best in it’s class for sound quality and it send out a deep, rich sound. These speakers were designed to provide a wide stereo presentation so your entire room will be filled with crystal clear sound. Don’t let the compact size fool you, each core speaker sounds like two large, widely spaced speakers. The reason for this is that Core uses holographic sound – wave field synthesis which actually produces virtual acoustic “images”. No matter where you are in a room the sound will be the same.

Core uses Bluetooth technology to stream music from your smartphone or tablet. There is no app involved. Core also works with wave technology so that the music you are listening to can be broadcast to other Core speakers set up in different rooms with no wires. You can make a network of up to eight Core speakers. Core allows access to thousands of online radio programs, podcasts and your favorite streaming services like Pandora so the world of music is right there for you!

Core’s inventors, Benjamin Webster and Neil D’Souza of Mass Fidelity, funded it’s production through

Get Core here – Core Hi-Fi Wireless Speaker System, Black


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