MERGE VR Virtual Reality Headset


The MERGE VR makes a smartphone into a virtual reality headset that surrounds the user with three dimensional imagery. There are hundreds of virtual experiences available at where you will find the best mobile virtual reality apps and experiences. You will be immersed in another world!

The VR headset fits comfortably over your eyes and fits over any size head. It is made of soft, lightweight polyurethane foam that conforms to the contours of your face. It fits well and is comfortable. It works with most iOS and Android smartphones made within the past two years and is completely wireless. There is a slot in the top of the headset that you slide your smartphone into. The slot fits all regular sized smartphones up to the size of iPhone 6+. Another feature of the soft foam the headset is sculpted from is that it protects your phone. The headset allows for dual input with it’s left and right buttons on the top. They allow you to perform two actions at the same time, like running and jumping.

The MERGE startup was founded by Franklin Lyons and Andrew Trickett.

Order here – Merge VR – Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android


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