LightUp Tesla Kit (Bluetooth Edition)


The LightUp Tesla Kit was invented by Tarun Pondicherry and  Josh Chan, who met at Stanford University while leading educational workshops. They needed something to help excite kids about learning science and engineering concepts. So, they invented their Tesla kit. It has magnetic circuit blocks kids can easily snap together. Kids can build all kinds of things like a burglar alarm, a musical instrument or a battery tester. LightUp is safe, requiring no soldering or wiring. The Lightup kit uses a microcontroller that is Bluetooth enabled to connect with an iPhone app that allows programming of what is built so that coding is also learned. The coding is done with simple drag and drop blocks of code. Combining electronics with the power of code opens a universe of possibility!

The app includes projects to help kids get started and there are new projects added every week. Their is also a feature included in the app that helps kids figure out what is wrong if their project isn’t working. It allows them to actually see the flow of electricity through the circuits.

The inventors have won several awards for this educational Tesla kit, including awards from Popular Mechanics, Time, Dr. Toy, Maker Faire and Stanford University.

Click to order – LightUp Tesla Kit (Bluetooth Edition)


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