Moff Band – Wearable Smart Toy


The Moff Band is a wearable smart toy that creates sounds to go along with your child’s movements. It’s slap band that fits comfortably around the wrist. It sends a signal to your iOS, Android or tablet via Bluetooth technology when it detects different arm movements and translates the movements to sound. The band sends it’s signal up to thirty feet so your child is not bound to their smartphone.

This is a great toy because it encourages physical activity and use of the imagination. The free Moff Band apps contain lots of realistic sounds that play immediately with each movement. This is exciting for kids (and would be for me too) and keeps them playing! There is now even a PBS Dance Party app that can work with the Moff Band and encourages learning through dance, counting and other fun, educational activities.

All you have to do is have your child slap on the band, pull up a Moff compatible app, link the band with your mobile device and let your child play!

The Moff Band was created by Akinori Takahagi who received funding for production from, where the smart toy was a big hit. The Moff band has since won the Popular Mechanics Toy Award.

Order here – Moff Band – Wearable Smart Toy, Orange


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