NomadPlus Smartphone Battery Pack and Wall Charger


Have you ever needed to charge your smartphone when there was no wall socket to plug in to? NomadPlus can be used for on the go charging! You can use it with your phone’s Apple wall charger that you already have, just plug it into NomadPlus and then plug into a wall socket. This device will charge your phone before it’s battery pack then charge it’s battery so you will have charging power without a wall socket. Anytime NomadPlus is plugged in to a wall socket it is charging it’s 1800mAh battery.

NomadPlus has an indicator light will show you the internal battery level. It works with any smartphone or other USB powered devices. It’s battery can charge your device completely without being plugged in which makes it the perfect travel companion. It is the only battery pack available for use with Apple’s USB wall charger.

This smartphone battery pack was invented by Noah Dentzel and Brian Hahn who’s goal was to create an upgrade for Apple wall chargers, making them usable on the go. The received funding for production from experienced investors through

Order here – NomadPlus Smartphone Battery Pack and Wall Charger


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