iBlazr 2 LED Wireless Flash for iphone, iPad and Android


The iBlazr 2 is a wireless flash device. It works with camera apps in both iOS and Android smartphones. If you love taking selfies you need this! It is also great for other forms of mobile photography and video making. Simply attach it to your smartphone or tablet and launch your camera app. iBlazr automatically syncs itself with your camera app through the magic of Bluetooth 4.0. It has adjustable color temperatures and brightness so that you can be creative and take the best photos and/or videos possible!

For something so tiny iBlazr 2 is amazingly powerful and also versatile! It can work as a selfie remote, replicating the effects of a camera shutter. It is multiple syncing, so you can use it with up to ten iBlazr flashes to light up an entire area. On a smaller scale it can be used as a simple flashlight. You can also use it to light your video calls.

The iBlazr startup was founded by Vlad Tislenko and Oleg Malenkov. They first launched the original iBlazr in 2013. It was the first flash that worked with smartphones and tablets. What makes the iBlazr 2 different is that it works with native camera apps on iOS and Android. There is also now a smart touch sensor that allows you to be creative with mixed LEDs. iBlazr 2 production was crowdfunded with the help of Indiegogo.

Get yours here! – iBlazr 2 LED Wireless Flash for iPhone, iPad and Androids, Retail Packaging, Black




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