JASWIG Stand Up Hight Adjustable Wood Standing Desk


The JASWIG standing desk formed out of the idea that humans function better when active. The JASWIG company builds health promoting furniture and educates kids about health, nutrition, activity and the environment. The idea behind this desk is that people think better and have a better posture when standing, as opposed to sitting. There are so many problems which can arise from bad posture associated with sitting. The JASWIG desk is a simple solution to those problems! The desk is nicely crafted to fit in with your home and is ergonomic. It comes in three different sizes and is height adjustable. It features a curved footrest so you can shift your posture and be comfortable.

The desk is made in America and crafted out of FSC certified wood. It is compact, durable and easy to adjust, requiring no electricity. The JASWIG desk is the worlds first all wood, manual height adjustable stand up desk. What a great addition for your office, art studio, garage or kitchen!

Production of the JASWIG Standing Desk was crowdfunded with the help of Kickstarter.

Get your JASWIG Standing Desk here – Height Adjustable Wooden Standing Desk – JASWIG StandUp, Medium


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