Korner Home Security 3 Sensor Package


The Korner Home Security 3 sensor package is a low cost alternative to other home security systems. It’s inventors wanted to provide a system that was affordable. The system is portable and ideal for renters and people who live in apartments or small houses. It consists of a Stick which plugs into your router and Tags which you stick onto corners of windows and doors. Then just download the app. That’s all you have to do to set it up! You control the system, arm, disarm and receive alerts on the Korner app. A security circle can be set up using the contacts list on your phone.

If your home happens to be larger you can add up to 22 additional tags. The range between the stick and the tags is 100 feet. Tags have a battery life of two years. The entire system can be taken with you if you move.

The Korner Home Security System team is Steve Hollis, Nick Vallidis, Chris Doughty, Robert Snook, Jed McCann and Robert Chung. Their startup was funded with crowdfunding through Indiegogo. They were inspired by the idea that home security should be available to everyone.

Get your Korner Home Security System Here – Korner Home Security 3 Sensor Package


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