Blumoo Universal Remote and Bluetooth Audio Streaming Hub


This device replaces all your remotes and  also streams music. What could be better? All you need is one thing! It is fully customizable as well so the control you want is right there at your fingertips. All you have to do is plug in Blumoo, download the mobile app and customize using the setup wizard.

Use Blumoo to connect all your home entertainment items to your Apple and or Android devices. You can use it to control televisions, projectors, cable and satellite boxes, soundbars, audio systems, media players, Cd and DVD players that are equipped with Bluetooth and more. It offers support for over 250,000 devices. Blumoo allows multiple mobile connections. You can sync them all or have different customized configurations for each one. The Blumoo app also features an interactive channel guide so you have detailed information about shows, movies and sports events right there on your mobile device. You can also make use Blumoo’s Bluetooth receiver and play streaming music from up to 150 feet!

The Blumoo startup team includes Jason Carman, Steve Hoffmann, Tolu Oridota, Alejandro Azuola and Nick Williamson. They figured since we all always have mobile devices around why not use them to control our entertainment devices instead of using all those remotes!

Get your Blumoo here – Blumoo Universal Remote and 150′ Bluetooth Audio Streaming Hub for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch


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