Novi 4 in 1 HD Camera, Motion, Smoke, Siren Home Security Kit


The Novi 4 in 1 security device is a combination of a camera, motion detector, smoke detector and alarm. All that in one small package! It is battery powered and can be placed anywhere in your home or office. It syncs with the Novi app allowing you to view what is going on in your house, take pictures, sound or dismiss the alarm and/or call the police.

The motion detector sensitivity can be adjusted so your pets won’t trigger the system. Through the app you will receive notification if motion or smoke is detected. The smoke detector sensor is photoelectric which is more reliable than heat sensors. The camera function is high definition and has a 170 degree wide angle view. Novi 4 in 1 uses a LED flash to allow you to see whats going on in your house at night. The device uses AA batteries so you don’t have any cords to mess with. The app will notify you if the battery needs to be replaced. With normal use Novi 4 in 1 should only use one battery per year.

Novi 4 in 1 is easy to set up. Just put it where you want it and sync it with the app. There are no contracts or monthly fees. All you have to do is set it up and you’ll have the security you need.

There are similar products out there but this is the only one that is battery operated, uses photoelectric smoke detecting sensors and that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector. The guys behind the Novi startup, Matthew Henningson, Ethan Grabau and Wade Anderson strove to make their 4 in 1 security devise simple, convenient and discreet.

Get your Novi 4 in 1 here – Novi 4-in-1 HD Camera, Motion and Smoke, Siren Home Security Kit


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