TiGr Titanium Bike Lock


As a guy who has had two bikes stolen in the past two years I think this type of bike lock is a great idea. Designed by cyclists for cyclists TiGr is a high security bow style lock made of titanium. It can secure both wheels and body of a bike. It is lightweight, strong and flexible and at the same time has an elegant look. When you are riding you can strap it to the top bar of your bike. The TiGr lock won’t scratch your bike because it is coated in a protective PVC coating which also protects the lock from the weather. It also has silicon bumpers to further protect the paint on your bike.

TiGr lock is simple in design, consisting of a rotating disk locking mechanism and the titanium bow. It comes with two cinch straps and two keys.

The TiGr lock startup consists of Robert, John and Jim Loughlin. They are avid cyclists and also happen to be physical security specialists. They wanted to build a bike lock that was more flexible than a u-lock and less clunky than a chain lock. They wanted something that provided the ultimate in strength that was also very lightweight and nice looking. The production of their invention was crowdfunded through Kickstarter.com.

Click to order TiGr Lock – TiGr Lock 24-Inch Bow 125 Flexible Standard Bike Lock, Titanium




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