The FOBO device replaces the cap on a tire stem. It works with Bluetooth technology to let you know if your tire needs maintenance. With FOBO Bike you use your smartphone with the FOBO app to receive information about your tire. There are also FOBO devices to monitor your car tires. With the set for bikes you get two sensors, one for each tire. The car set comes with four sensors and you can use it with either an audible box or a smartphone. This model works with iOS and Android.

FOBO monitors the tires air pressure and temperature. Having the correct tire pressure is very important for safety, prolonging the life of your tires and for getting the most out of your gas dollars. The FOBO app lets you set a range for the air pressure of a tire, from the highest pounds per square inch to the lowest that is acceptable to you. Using Bluetooth, the app will warn you if the pressure gets below your desired level when you are within Bluetooth range. Then you can air up our tire before problems arise!

This is a very handy thing! Personally, I check my bike and truck tires often and get tired of the whole process. With a bike the stem is often in a hard to reach place or the pressure checker has to by put on the stem at an awkward angle. Sometimes if my back is sore checking tire pressure can really be a pain. Also I often loose my pressure checker! FOBO takes care of all of this and makes it easy to monitor tire pressure. It is the type of invention I like to post about in this blog the most – the inventions that really make life easier!

FOBO Bike works with tires on two wheelers, trikes, quad bikes, side cars and trailers. The app is simple to use and includes installation instructions. Information from one set of FOBOs can be sent to multiple smartphones, so you can keep up with your entire family’s tires. There is also a theft deterrent system that can be set up to keep your FOBO sensors from being stolen. The app includes instructions on how to set that up, it is pretty simple consisting of a special lock nut for the sensor and ID lock for the app. The app also lets you know if a tire sensor is missing, like if you air up and then drive off forgetting to put the sensor back on.

The FOBO startup was founded by James Lim and production was crowdfunded through Indiegogo.

Order here – FOBO Bike Bluetooth 4.0 Theft Deterrent Android and iOS Compatible Tire Pressure Monitoring System with 2 Tire Sensors for Motorcycles


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