jamstick+ Portable Smart Guitar


Jamstick+ is the worlds first interactive smart guitar. It makes it easy to learn guitar chords! It works through Bluetooth with your iPhone, iPad or Mac and has teaching apps that, in real time, show you where your fingers are positioned and where they should be. It is fun to use, like Guitar Hero but with jamstick+ you actually learn how to play. No experience is necessary to get started and it works as well as having your own personal guitar instructor. You can learn to play when you want, at your own pace and it’s fun!

Pro guitarists will also like jamstick+. It has real strings and frets yet it doesn’t require tuning! What you learn or write on jamstick+ translates perfectly to a real full size guitar. It is compatible with hundreds of guitar apps, including MIDI apps. It works as a MIDI controller so you can produce pretty much any sound you can think of. It comes with four free apps, one to help you get it set up, one for real time basic instruction, one that plays pre-recorded loops that you can jam with and one to help you learn popular hit songs. Jamstick+ is compact enough to fit in a backpack or suitcase so your can practice and/or write music on the go.

Jamstick+ comes with a charging cable and chargeable battery. Also included are a guitar strap, two guitar picks and a manual. As a bonus you also get a 30 day subscription to the FourChords Karaoke Guitar app. It’s inventors have started working on a jamstick+ for Android but have yet to set a release date. The + model is the second edition and features BLE wireless technology and easier connection with devices. The + model also has a magnetic pickup for better sensing of pick strumming. This improves sound quality and makes jamstick sound like a real guitar. Jamstick+ also has faster processing and greater compatibility with other apps. The jamstick apps have been redesigned to make them more user friendly.

Dan Sullivan, Chad Koehler, Matt Cannon and Chris Heille are the people behind the jamstick+ startup. The received crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

Buy jamstick+ here – jamstik+ Portable SmartGuitar with Interactive Guitar Lesson Apps for iOS and Mac. Real Strings and Bluetooth Connectivity


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