Seek Compact Thermal Imager for Android


Seek Compact is a thermal imager that simply plugs into your Android device’s USB port for use. Through the free Seek app you can see tell how hot or cool something is by the color of it in the viewer. You can tell where heat from outside is getting in through a window or what pipes are hot. Seek makes it easy to see where wall or ceilings are missing insulation, where drafts are coming from or where there is an electrical overload. Seek also allows you to see people or animals in the dark, like with night vision goggles. It does this by detecting infrared light. It can be completely dark and you will still be able to see, and photograph the infrared image of what you are looking at.

Seek can detect temperatures from -40 degrees to 626 degrees Fahrenheit. It can capture images from up to a thousand feet away and has a 36 degree viewing range. There is no battery required. It is affordable for a thermal imaging device because it works with your smartphone instead of requiring it’s own viewing screen and power supply.

There is another version of Seek Compact that works with iPhones. There is also the Seek Compact XR which has twice the magnification and the lens will focus to enable people to have more precise macro thermal imaging. The XR costs about $65 more than the regular Seek Compact. There are separate models of the XR for iPhones and Androids. Also Seek has devise that does not require the use of a smart devise, that has it’s own viewing screen, controls and rechargeable battery. It is the Seek Reveal.

I have chosen to show you the Seek Compact as opposed the the Compact XR or the Reveal models because I like it’s simplicity, compactness and price.

Get yours here! – Seek Compact Thermal Imager for Android



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