Spire Wearable for Mind and Body


The Spire wearable is a small devise that monitors your breathing. When it senses that your breathing shows that you are experiencing stress it lets you know through it’s smartphone app. Then, if you want, the app can lead you through some deep breaths or short meditations to help you calm yourself. It keeps track of your state of mind and provides daily and weekly reports to give you insight into what things stress you out and what calms you. The device and app were created by Jonathan Palley and Neema Moraveji. Moraveji started the Calming Technology Lab at Stanford University which has researched the use of technology in combination with breathing in order to achieve calm, more productivity and creativity. Insights found from this research led to the invention of the Spire wearable.

This device also monitors footsteps and calories burnt to help you keep your body active and healthy. You can set it to let you know if you have been inactive for too long. Spire wearable is water resistant so you can rinse it off if it gets grimy. It will even be alright if you accidentally wash it with your clothes! It runs on a rechargeable battery that uses wireless charging. All you have to do is set it on it’s charging plate and it will charge itself. The battery should stay charged for seven days. Spires makers received the 2014 National Hewitt Design Award for the hardware of this product.

At this point in time Spire Wearable only works with newer Apple products. I’m sure it won’t be long before these guys release a version of Android because they work hard at satisfying customers and at making updates for the Spire app. They have an email address that they use to get feedback from users – hello@spire.io and also a phone number for the same purpose – 1-800-501-CALM.

Order Spire here – Spire Wearable for Mind & Body, for iOS



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