Lully Sleep Guardian


Lully sleep guardian is an interesting and useful invention that is effective in eliminating children’s night terrors. It is a simple device that uses an app to learn about your child’s sleep patterns. It vibrates when the child reaches the state of sleep where night terrors occur, gently easing the child out of the danger zone so they can sleep through the night.

Night terrors are a common problem for children. The terrors repeatedly puts the child in a terrified state causing rapid heartbeat, sweating and even hyperventilation. It is usually very hard to calm the child and can be quite stressful for everyone involved.

Lully was designed by Varun Boriah and Andy Rink, MD. Andy new about night terrors because his sister and nephew went through them. He and Varun met at Stanford University and started researching the terrors and eventually came up with Lully as a means of preventing them. Their product is the first designed to eliminate night terrors, something that there is really no other treatment for besides the use of heavy medicines that totally knock the child out for the night. Lully is effective. In testing of more than 10,000 nights of sleep this product worked in nine out of ten cases. It is very safe and is doctor approved for children over 18 months of age.

Lully can be laid on bed slats, a box spring or on the floor. It works on any type of bed or crib. Then you just answer four questions on the app about your child’s sleep patterns. This gives the app a place to start in setting off the vibration at the right time. You’ll have to monitor your child when using Lully as it will have to be turned off when it starts vibrating. The app learns when the night terrors occur and adjusts itself accordingly. Getting itself to go off at the right time may take a few nights. It may take up to four weeks of nightly use to eliminate the night terrors, but in most cases it does work allowing restful nights for the whole family!

Currently Lully is only available for use with Apple products.

Order Lully here – Lully Sleep Guardian – Proven to Stop Night Terrors


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