Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Suitcase


Bluesmart is designed to be a carry on suitcase, made to fit in the luggage rack on an airplane. It contains a battery and two USB charging ports so you have your own charging station and can stay connected. The battery contains enough juice to completely charge a smartphone or tablet six times.

There is  both a key lock and a digital lock that can be locked or unlocked via your smartphone. If you get out of Bluetooth range from this travel bag, it will lock itself. The Bluesmart app can also warn you if it thinks you are accidentally leaving it behind.

Perhaps the best feature of the Bluesmart suitcase is that it can be tracked with GPS. If you end up separated from the suitcase for any reason it can easily be tracked through it’s smartphone app. Bluesmart gets a big thumbs up when it comes to security!

This smart suitcase has a handy storage space for electronic devices in the outside of the case so your devices can be easily accessed. The designers included a charging port in the electronics compartment. The case is well made and has plenty of zipping pockets with soft padding for the electronics. This great looking travel case is lightweight and you can even weigh it with the app by holding it off the ground by the handle. It has wheels and an extendable handle as well as a regular carrying handle.

The Bluesmart team is Brian Chen, Tomi Pierucci, Diego Saez-Gil, Aleho Verlini and Martin Diz. The have re-thought the suitcase and made it more suitable for modern travel, making a suitcase that not only contains your travel items but does so much more! They were able to fund production of the Bluesmart suitcase through crowdfunding from Indiegogo.

Bluesmart Smart Carry-On Suitcase, Connects to Your Smartphone on iOS/Android




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