Electric Objects Digital Art Display


As an artist and a lover of art I really, really like this invention! It is a 30.4 x 17.8 inch digital art display known as the EO1. You can use it to display any piece of art you find on the internet! Enjoy the art in a space dedicated to it, without distraction. You can hang EO1 on a wall or use it with it’s stand. It is only 5.5 inches thick, so it won’t take up much space. With this display if you get tired of looking at one picture you can easily change it. Display any image, GIFs, animation, video or generative works. You can even make a “playlist” of art and set the app to change the display periodically. If you are an artist you can upload your art, share it with others and view it with EO1!

EO1 works through the Electric Objects apps, which can be downloaded for free and works with your iOS or Android smartphone. You can also browse through a vast collection of art made specifically for Electric Objects. There is a entire community of EO1 users who share the art they have collected for viewing with this display. You can find and follow people who share your ideas about what is visually beautiful.

The mastermind of EO1 is Jake Levine. He wanted to design a product to showcase anything found in the world of art available on the internet. The ability to easily and instantaneously change what is displayed, as a persons mood changes or as the lighting in the room changes was a must. He wanted the display itself to be simple and unobtrusive so the art can be fully enjoyed. His invention has been warmly received. Time magazine called the EO1 one of the best twenty-five inventions of 2014.

Get EO1 here! – Electric Objects Digital Art Display (Black)


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