Lineage Labs Bevy Smart Photo System


Remember the days when people had closets full of boxes that were full of old photos? I still have one box taking up space in my bedroom closet that is full of old photos. Things have gotten better with the availability of computers, but it still takes up data space to store all those memories. Small devises, cameras and USB drives can only hold so much! Even a PC or Mac will get slowed down if you take up too much data space with huge folders of photos. Now there is a perfect way to store photos!

Bevy is a mini computer designed to store all your family photos in one place. You don’t have to set up an account and can store 1TB worth of photos. If you need more storage space there are 2TB models. It not only stores your photos but organizes them too!

Photos can be added through the Bevy apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets or through the apps for Mac and Windows. Bevy has a SD card slot from which pictures from your digital camera can be stored and a USB port for photos stored in external drives. Bevy automatically sorts pictures according to the date they were taken and who the user is. Additional tags and albums can easily be made to further organize your photos. From Bevy you can share your photos to your favorite social media sites, email photos or print them. You don’t need to store the pictures, taking up data space in your phone, camera or external drive. Bevy is the perfect place to store your entire families photos and keep them safe. You have them all in one compact place!

You can even connect Bevy to a viewer, like your TV, and look at your pictures. You can also view stored pictures outside your home with your smartphone or tablet.

The Bevy startup team is Firdaus Bhathena, Nancy Smith, Jeff Anuszczyk and Rakesh Godhani. Bevy was not their first startup so they already knew the importance of putting together a seamless product. It was very important to them for their photo system to be of high quality and they did all they could to make it easy to set up and use.

Click to order – Lineage Labs Bevy Smart Photo System, 1TB, Blue


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