Eero Home WiFi System (3 Pack)


Tired of your problematic home Wi-Fi system? A good Wi-Fi signal throughout your home is becoming more and more important as our home devices become smarter. Eero has created a system that finally eliminates Wi-Fi that is slow, hard to connect to or doesn’t work at all. The problem is that one router can’t send a strong signal everywhere in a house. A Wi-Fi signal is much like a sound wave. If you have a speaker set up in one room it’s sound is muffled or unheard in the rest of the house. With the new Eero system you can spread the signal evenly through your house.

All you have to do is plug one of the attractive Eero modules into your modem. Then place the remaining modules in other parts of the house. They can simply be plugged into wall outlets. There is an Eero app that will help you with the setup. Three Eeros evenly spaced takes care of your Wi-Fi needs for an average sized house.

The Eero app works with iOS and Android smartphones. With the Eero app you can manage your network. You can name the network whatever you want. You will be able to see which devices are connected and at what internet speeds they are operating. You can also make advanced settings for things like flux capacitation and port forwarding. As time goes on your system will get better through software updates. The updates take place at night and only take a minute.

With the Eero system you will no longer have dead zones or buffering zones. You will have an ultra fast, stable connection through your entire home. In each set you get three Eero modules, three power adapters, an ethernet cable and a guide to help you get started.

The Eero startup team founders are Amos Schallich, Nick Weaver and Nate Hardison. They strove to rebuild the Wi-Fi system by distributing the signal. They also wanted to provide a system that was easy to set up. Another factor was the appearance of their modules. They wanted something that could be placed anywhere, not hidden.

Get your Eero set – eero Home WiFi System (Pack of 3)


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