Holi Smart Connected LED Mood Lamp


It has been known for quite some time how dramatically color effects mood. With Holi smart mood lamp you can control the lighting, color and mood of a room. You can use it to enhance your productivity, calm you down, help you think happy thoughts or bring out your romantic side. Have troubles getting to sleep? Set Holi to provide a sleepy mood. Want a gentle wake up? Set Holi to shine gentle dawn colors for a perfect morning.

The Holi mood lamp doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is a 7.9 x 7.9 inche square that is only 1.2 inches thick. It’s frame is made of aluminum. Holi gives off 500 lumens of light. It has 18 LED lights which can be controlled separately. Since it uses LED lights it uses six times less the energy of traditional light bulbs. Holi’s LEDs last a very long time. If you use them four hours a day they should be good for 27 years!

Holi works with an app and offers you a choice of millions of color combinations and works wirelessly, through Bluetooth technology. It can even be set to work with music providing amazing light shows in sync to your favorite songs. Holi uses patented technology for it’s musical light shows that is called Music For the Eyes. The app works with iOS 7 and later models or Android 4.0 and up. It is compatible with iTunes, Deezer and Spotify.

Holi’s designers came up with this device after being inspired by the Hindu Festival of Colors. They put together Holi to offer you an amazingly wide selection of colors and color combinations. With Holi you can transform the mood of a room with a touch, choosing from  a huge number of multi-color effects. The app even allows you to create your own light combinations from a virtual color palate offering an almost unlimited choice of color.

Holi Smart Connected LED Mood Lamp, Silver





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