Remocam Smart Home Security Camera


There are a lot of smart cams out there for home security but this is the first that uses infrared for night vision and also integrates all your home devices and allows you to control them from wherever you may go. The eight infrared sensors imbedded in Remocam allow not only for night vision but also enable you to control your home devices wirelessly, through the smart home feature of the app. This means that you can ditch all your remotes and even control your devices when your away from home.

Through the Remocam app you can see 335 degrees around it in live streaming HD video. It also tilts up and down 95 degrees giving you a full view of the area of it’s location. You can zoom, take pictures and record. Video and photos can be stored with cloud technology or on a SD card. Recorded data is encrypted so that it will be secure.

Remocam also features two way audio so you can hear as well as see what is happening in your home or office, and speak through it as well. Like other smart home security devices this cam has a adjustable motion sensor and will notify you via the app when it senses that something strange is going on and an alarm. Remocam can be set up to automatically start recording video if the motion sensor picks something up. The app is set up so that you can view the video and make emergency calls quickly if the situation calls for it.

The designers of Remocam wanted setup to be as simple as possible. All you have to do is plug in the device, download the app and follow the simple instructions. Remocam does the rest using QR code and your Wi-Fi network to connect itself. You can setup up to five Remocams on one account and also have five users per account.

The Remocam startup was founded by Johaan and Paul Lee. Teir goal was not only to provide security but to make life easier. With the complexities of modern life it is easy to forget to do things, like turning off the TV when you leave home. While you are away with Remocam you can take a look at what is going on in your home and turn things off or on if it needs to be done.

Click to order here – Remocam-Smart Home Security Camera for All (Wireless, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, IP Surveillance, HD, PTZ)


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