Espro Stainless Steel Travel Press With Coffee Filter


Do you love great coffee? Do you find yourself wanting a good cup when you are on the go? This is what you need! The Espro Travel Press is a French Press coffee system designed for travel or at the office. All you need is some finely ground coffee beans or tea and some hot (not boiling) water. What you do is put your favorite ground coffee beans in the cup and add hot water. Then put in the press and wait a few minutes for the coffee to steep. After that press the handle down slowly. This traps the grounds in the bottom and lets the liquid come to the top. It stops the steeping and extraction. Then enjoy your coffee! It will be grit free and full of flavor.

Espro uses a patented coffee filtering system that uses two filters. The system was designed to give you coffee with zero grit and at the same time maximize flavor. There are optional paper filters your you if the taste of pour over coffee that is oil free is what you are after. The mug is made of double layered vacuum insulated stainless steel and will keep your coffee hot for up to six hours. The lid is of high quality and is designed for no spills. Cleaning is easy. Just take out the press, rinse it off and rinse out the mug and lid.

The Espro startup was founded by Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean. They wanted to make a product that would provide a way to make high quality French Press coffee when on the go. The startup received crowdfunding through to get started with production.

Order here – Espro Stainless Steel Travel Press with Coffee Filter, 12 oz., Matte Black


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