Mark One Pryme Vessyl


Do you ever find yourself wondering if you’ve been drinking enough water? Today it is common knowledge that drinking the right amount of water gives you more energy, helps you feel your best and improves the appearance of your skin and hair. Drinking eight cups of water a day isn’t necessarily what you need. Their are many factors that effect your hydration needs like your sex, age and activity levels. The Mark One Pryme Vessyl in combination with it’s app helps keep your hydration at an optimal level.

The Pryme app takes into account your basic characteristics to figure out how much water you need. It also considers changing factors such as how many hours of sleep you’ve had, what kind of exercises you’ve been doing and how much activity you’ve had through your day. It even considers dehydrating alcohol consumption!  When you are at your optimum level of hydration the blue light on the Vessyl exterior will come on. This is when you are at your best!

The Vessyl has a string glass interior that has no pores. You can drink anything out of it and when you rinse it out there will be no left behind taste from the last drink. You can drink cold or hot drinks from your Pryme Vessyl. The attractive exterior shell of the Vessyl is made from tritan copolyester. It is tough, soft to the touch and easy to clean. There is an indicator on the side. Just tilt the Vessyle to find out where you are at in your hydration needs. When you’ve drank enough the blue light lights up. You can also check the app to see your current hydration level. The lid is made so that it doesn’t leak or spill when on. Throw your Vessyl into a bag or whatever, you’ll be able to rest assured that there will be no mess and you’ll have your drink with you when you need it. The vessel base is polished nickel plating. To charge your Vessyl just set it on its wireless charging coaster.

The Pryme Vessyl is a great invention because it helps you with something that is very important. Optimal hydration is beneficial in so many ways! It helps with weight management, endurance, strength, mental clarity and quickness just for starters. There are so many other benefits. Just feeling good is perhaps the most important benefit of good hydration! The Mark One Pryme Vessyl is an excellent tool to help you achieve and maintain your optimal level of hydration.

Get your Pryme Vessyl here – Mark One Pryme Vessyl


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