Osmo Gaming System for iPad, Genius Kit


The Osmo Gaming System offers interactive games that help make learning fun. The games encourage creative thinking and bridge the physical and digital worlds. The system is designed to work with iPad 2 and later models. It also works with all versions of iPad Mini and iPad Air. You get a simple reflector that fits over you iPad camera and also a stand for your IPad so that it sets upright. The reflector allows the system to see the game actions and responses of the player which happen in front of the iPad on a table. Down load the apps and your all set! After the apps are downloaded you no longer need the online connection so you can play anywhere.

The games are designed to be enjoyed by anyone from six years old and up. Adults will enjoy the games as much as kids. With the Genius Kit you get five interactive learning games. You get Newton, an engineering game with more than 60 levels. Also included is Words, where you use physical letter tiles to guess and spell words. Thirdly is Tangram, where puzzle pieces are used to complete spacial puzzles. Masterpiece is an art game where anything can be drawn. It is made to enhance drawing skills. Finally is Numbers, a math game designed for learning and fun with mathematics.

The creators of the Osmo Gaming System have received excellent reviews and awards from USA Today, Forbes, Yahoo! and the Wall Street Journal. The gaming system was included in Time magazine’s top inventions of 2014. The Osmo startup was founded by Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler. They noticed the kids are becoming more and more glued to screens and disengaged from the world. I can definitely vouch for this! My son would rather play video games or watch his favorite videos than almost anything else. Pramod and Scholler set out to design fun and educational games that bring together the digital world and the real world.

Watching kids ues the Osmo Gaming System shows how amazing it is much better than I can tell you. Watch a video here! – Osmo Gaming System for iPad, Standard Packaging, Genius Kit


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