Kinsa Smart Thermometer (Newest Model for Baby)


While most thermometers are made to simply give you a temperature reading, the Kinsa smart thermometer does much more! A high temperature indicates a fever, which is a symptom not an illness. Kinsa combines the temperature with other information to help diagnose the actual sickness. Since knowing what is wrong and doing something about it right away is the best way to combat an illness Kinsa is truly a powerful tool!

The Kinsa thermometer takes quick accurate readings, usually in just ten seconds. It requires no battery and connects to your smartphone. The Kinsa application keeps track of temperatures and other symptoms. This information can then easily be shared with your doctor. Kinsa remembers your history of illness along with that of other members of your family. Each member of your group or family can have their own individual profile. The Kinsa app even provides guidance in what can be done to get started treating illness!

The Kinsa startup was founded by Inder Singh. The Kinsa goal is to stop the spread of disease. A big step in doing this is to detect illnesses early so they can be treated effectively. The Kinsa smart thermometer provides the guidance needed to start a treatment plan immediately and also provides precise information for medical professionals so further treatment is the best it can be. It’s also easy and even fun to use!

Get your Kinsa here – Kinsa Smart Thermometer, Newest Model


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