Zuli Smartplug


With the Zuli Smartplug the lights automatically come on when you walk into a room. How cool is that? Any lamp can be turned into a smart lamp, just plug Zuli into a wall socket, plug and plug the lamp into it. Not only that but Zuli can be used in other ways. In combination with the Zuli app you can set the lighting how you want it, set lights, space heaters and other appliances to come on at certain times. With a Nest thermostat you can make your home’s temperature go up or down as soon as you walk in. Zuli can be used as a light dimmer, can control window air conditioners and can even get your coffee going!

I think this is a great invention because when I walk into my room at night I can either turn on the overhead light which I don’t really like or fumble around in the dark to turn on my lamp. With Zuli the lamp would come on when I walk in! I wouldn’t even have to pull out my phone to use the app. With Zuli your day is easier because you can set things to happen at certain times of the day. For instance in the morning you can set certain lights to come on and the coffee maker to start. You can also control lights and appliances when away from home. You can even save money! With the Zuli app you will see how much energy is being used and how much it will cost you, providing useful information to allow you to control your utility bills. Also, lights can be set to turn off when you leave the room.

Taylor Umphreys, Sid Bhargava and Ben Chang are the founders of the Zuli startup. They shared a home with several room mates who were always leaving lights on. If you have kids you can probably identify with this! The founders started making simple versions of Zuli to turn the lights off when people left rooms. They developed these devices and put together an easy to use app and worked to make Zuli the innovative product that it is now. Zuli learns your preferences, knows when you are in a room or not and makes life much easier and also less expensive.

Zuli works with iPhone 4S and up or iOS 7.1 and up.

Get a Zuli three pack here – Zuli Smartplug: Smart Home Control, Dimmer, Energy Monitor & Timer (Presence 3 Pack)



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