Butterfeet Shower Foot Spa


With Spring time here it’s time to get back to going barefoot and for wearing sandals! It’s also time to get your feet looking their best. Butterfeet shower foot spa is the device you need to make that easy. It is the first and only hands free foot exfoliator for the shower. Just set it on your shower floor (no worries, this foot spa has a no slip base), press the button with your toe and exfoliate to your heart’s content!

The Butterfeet foot spa was designed by a doctor to be a safe, clean and reliable means of exfoliating feet. It is water resistant and battery powered so it is safe to use in the shower. There is no awkward bending to use hand exfoliating tools so slips and falls are no longer a concern. There are two different exfoliating surfaces on this foot spa, the diamond textured on on top for the bottom of feet and the course texture on the sides for the sides of your feet. As it exfoliates the dead skin just washes down the drain!

The Butterfeet startup team is Dr. David Kirlin, Troy Dugo and David Fussel. They set about to produce a shower foot exfoliator that was durable and easy to use. They wanted to improve on home foot exfoliating by making it a clean and safe process.

Order here – Butterfeet Shower Foot Spa




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