Quitbit Smart Lighter


Spring is the time of new beginnings and a great time to get control of old habits. If your habit is smoking the Quickbit smart lighter is just what you need! This is cigarette lighter that is actually designed to help you cut down on or quit smoking. It keeps track of and displays the number of times you have lit up. Having accurate information about exactly how much you are smoking allows you to be mindful of your habit. It puts you in control. Your limit for the day and the amount of time since the last time you lit a cigarette can also be displayed. You can even set this lighter so that it doesn’t light during certain times of the day. This gives you even more control, acting as a guard for when your willpower is low.

Quitbit works with a free app that acts as your coach for cutting down or quitting. It helps you chart your smoking habits so you can get a better idea of when you smoke the most and the kinds of things that make you want to smoke. You’ll be able to see your improvement over time. The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and even gives you a connection to an online community of others who are using Quitbit to cut back on or to quit smoking.

Battery operated, this lighter requires no messy lighter fluid. It uses an electric coil to do the lighting instead of a flame. Under normal usage the battery should keep it’s charge for about 200 lightings. The battery is rechargeable through a USB hub.

The Quitbit startup founders are Ata Ghofrani and Kuji Nakano both of whom used their invention to quit smoking. Their idea is genius is it’s simplicity and effectiveness. It has been said that their product is like a scale for people who are trying to loose weight. Quitbit is that and so much more! The founders used crowdfunding from Kickstarter.com to start producing their smart lighters.

Order here! – Quitbit Smart Lighter



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