Thync Calm and Energy Wearable


The Thync wearable sends gentle, low energy waves into the nerves of your face and head to calm you when you are stressed or give you energy when you need to perform at your best. At first I was skeptical, thinking no way am I going to blast my nerves with some weird energy waves. After I thought about it though, I decided that drinking an energy drink full of caffeine and who knows what else for energy is probably much worse. Also having a glass of booze every time someone needs to calm down can’t be good for them. The waves used were developed by neurologists who spent years testing them on thousands of subjects. Thync is a good alternative for calming and energizing for people who aren’t gurus or monks who can control their nervous system.

Thync allows the average person to have some control over their nervous system without side effects caused by other methods of calming or energizing. It has three components. First is a triangular module that you put on the side of your forehead. Secondly is the strip which is most visible in the photo above. Lastly is the app which works with iOS 8+ mobile devices and also Android OS Lollipop and Marshmallow. With the app you can control the calming or energizing effects you want.

The calming effects are said to be much like those of having a massage. Gently relaxing. Thync also acts as a sleep aid to allow you to feel refreshed in the morning instead of feeling groggy from using sleep medicines. The energizing effects are similar to having cold water splashed on your face except more gentle and also more long lasting.

The inventors of Thync are Isy Goldwasser and Dr. Jamie Tyler. They set about to combine neurology and technology producing a product that helps people to feel their best every day. Find out more about the Thync wearable and/or order it here – Thync Calm and Energy Wearable


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