Kuna Outdoor Home Security Camera and Light


The Kuna outdoor security camera and light is great because it is an attractive and multi-functional device. First, it is a great outdoor light. It can be set to activate as a result of motion and it looks way better than most motion detecting lights that have big bulbs sticking out in all directions. It also features a setting for coming on at dusk and going off at dawn. If that doesn’t suit you it can be set with it’s timer to come on and go off whenever you want.

The security camera works with the Kuna app and will stream HD video to your smartphone so you can see what is going on outside your home. It works well at daytime and at night. It will also send you an alert if someone is outside your door or if it detects motion. When you get the alert you can take a look and see who is there and what is going on. If you need to, with the click of a button you can sound a 100 decibel alarm which probably will save your house from being burglarized. There is also a two way microphone so you can speak to whoever is outside your door. Ask them to name the password or ask what they want. You might just want to tell them to get lost! You don’t have to open the door and if you are away you can still see exactly what is going on. The app works with iOS and Android smarthphones.

The Kuna designers, Sai-Wai Fu and Haomiao Huang, put together a well made product. The lamp is durable, made of strong glass and steel. Any type of light bulb can be used. The camera angle can be adjusted by hand so you can get exactly the view you want. The sensitivity of the motion detector can be adjusted so that small animals or shadows don’t set it off. It was made for easy installation. You don’t have to have an electrician install it. It works with your already existing porch light wiring and uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to send it’s signal.

Kuna Outdoor Home Security Camera & Light – Craftsman Black, w/ Live HD Streaming, 2-Way Intercom, 100+ Decibel Alarm, Motion Alerts (iOS & Android) | Wi-Fi + Bluetooth



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