Fenugreen Fresh Paper Product Saver Sheets

818vFLP0EVL._SY500_There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone yet over eight hundred million people are still going hungry every day. Part of the problem is that over a quarter of food produced is lost due to spoilage. Fresh Paper offers a simple solution.

Fresh Paper sheets are made with herbs that greatly slow the rate at which food products spoil. They keep food fresh two to four times as long as old methods of keeping food fresh. Not only do they keep food fresh but they are all natural, re-usable and recyclable. They are completely biodegradable and thus compostable. 91kKdxpa1PL._SY500_

To use Fresh Papers all you have to do is place one in the crisper, under fruit in a bowl, in a freezer bag with food or under the berries in a carton.You can keep a whole box of food fresh by putting a few Fresh Papers in the box separating them strategically to handle equal amounts of space. After being used the sheets keep doing their work for about a month. Unused Fresh Papers left in their package are good for about two years.

The Fenegreen startup was founded by Kavita Shukla. The story behind her innovation is very interesting. While visiting her Mother in India as a child, Kavita was warned not to drink the water but accidentally drank a whole cup. Her Mom mixed an herb mixture for her and after drinking it she did not get sick from drinking the contaminated water. Upon her return to America she started experimenting with herbs, working to purify contaminated water. She found a spice mixture that would get rid of the mold in pond water. She went on to find a mixture of herbs necessary to greatly improve the shelf life of food. Kavita was able to get her Fresh Papers patented at the age of 17!  She has since won many awards for her idea. She got started by simply handing out her Fresh Papers at a farmers market.

Kavita wants to help the world by cutting down on food waste and to free the resources associated with it. This can start in your home!

Find out more and order here – Fenugreen FreshPaper Produce Saver Sheets


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