Star Wars Force Band by Sphero


Now Sphero has come out with a gadget that gives you the power of the force! Remember my post featuring Sphero’s BB-8 droid? If not read about it here! The Star Wars Force band uses Bluetooth technology to control the droid, or other Sphero products which are enabled with Bluetooth SMART.

Simply push forward with your hand and the droid responds! Use a pulling motion and BB-8 will come to you. By using simple gestures you have complete control at distances of up to 25 meters. The Force Band also has combat training and force awareness modes!

The band is powered by a rechargeable battery that will keep it’s charge for an hour. It comes with it’s own USB charging cable. Force band also comes with it’s app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It has an adjustable band, made to fit people of all sizes. Sounds effects are provided by the Force Band’s speaker, the device has it’s own audio.

According to reviews, the Force band takes some getting used to. After some practice you’ll be using the force like a Jedi! The more you practice the more interesting things you will be able to make BB-8 do. In combat mode the band makes super cool light saber and/or blaster sounds with your arm movements. A little imagination makes this great fun, especially for kids. In force awareness mode you can find digital holocrons around you, developing your sense of the force! Then you can save and collect the holocrons in the app.

The Sphero startup was founded by Ian Bernstein and Adam Wilson. These guys wanted to help bring Star Wars into the homes of everyday people and make using the force a reality!

Click here to watch the Sphero Force Band video and to order!




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