SubPac S2 Seatback Physical Sound System


Would you like to make your virtual reality a full body experience? Would you like to be fully immersed in your music wherever you are? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you need the SubPac S2!

The S2 is a seat back that transforms sound into vibration. Not only will you hear the sound of your music, game or virtual reality device but you’ll feel it too! SubPac designers use vibrotactile materials to deliver high fidelity sound. It is made to strap to a seat so your back is flush against it’s comfortable surface. You could also strap it on to your back and enjoy sound with vibration while doing almost anything! However, for the ultimate in versatility I would go with the SubPac M2. It will not be heard by those around you. SubPac weighs less than eight pounds. It connects to your devices with a 1/8″ input and also 1/8″ output packs. You can also connect without wires by using Bluetooth!

The SubPac S2 is used by many audio, gaming and virtual reality professionals. It gives users a deeper connection with sound and thus an enriched experience of music, game or virtual reality. The gamer in your life would love it because it can improve reaction time!

As a person who meditates I would love to experiment with SubPac and sound wave meditations. I’m sure there are many uses for this great product!

The co-founders of the SubPac startup are Todd Chernecki and John Alexiou. They wanted to make devices that would bring ultimate sound immersion, like that of concerts or IMAX theaters, to people for everyday use. They worked with music producers and sound designers to make a product that works well, transforming sound to high fidelity vibrations.

Click here to order or watch the SubPac video!


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